Saturday, 26 January 2019

As the car had been most recently used for tarmac rally events such as Targa Tasmania and Classic Adelaide, it was sitting on tarmac road springs giving a fairly low and stiff ride, not what we wanted for P2P where ground clearance and supple suspension is required for at least the first half of the event through Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan.

The shock absorbers were also a bit tired and of a type not allowed on our event as the rears had separate canisters for oil.   Whilst we were still in Brisbane, Richard asked his good friend Murray Coote to manufacture a set of custom shockers to suit the Alfa and the rally.  Murray is familiar with the car and has won his class driving it in Classic Adelaide.  he is also a former Australian Rally Champion and runs MCA Suspension, making world class competition shock absorbers.

Those shock absorbers were manufactured and shipped down to Auto Projects Performance and restoration in Ballarat where Tom Bilston spent a day with me fitting gravel coil springs and the new MCA shockers.

The new ride height gives around 160 mm ground clearance under the sump guard, far more than we have ever had when rallying in the Puce Goose, '69 Plus 8 Morgan.   We look forward to rallying with respectable clearance for a change.

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