Sunday, 26 May 2019

A Sunday reflection with one week to go

Today being Sunday means that we have 7 days until the start of the event.
The packing is completed and we are ready to fly to Beijing.

Tomorrow we fly to Beijing and have a couple of spare days before the pre event activities begin

Thursday we have the Chinese Police briefing on “how to drive in China”, and where they lecture us on abiding by the local driving laws. We will see how that allows us to survive on the crowded roads.

Friday we collect cars and commence scrutineering and signing on. We also collect our Chinese driving licenses and number plates, having now been advised of how to drive.  Welcome cocktails and dinner follow that night.

Saturday we have paperwork and a competitor briefing from the ERA officials.

Sunday we are off to the Great Wall for the official flag off and start.

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  1. Good Luck Team Avanti The Alfa
    Keep the blogs coming