Monday, 3 June 2019

On our way, end of day two.

Yesterday we started at the great wall, dancing dragons, musicians etc
A long day left the hotel at 6.00 am and got to the evening finish at 7.00 pm.  One car crashed on the short hillclimb speed test so it was cancelled for the rest of the classic cars we didn’t get to do it.

Today was much shorter including a circuit dash on a dusty rough paddock, around the flags. We did 2 min 33 seconds which was 23 seconds slower than the fastest cars, but quicker than a lot

Our good friends the Gills in the 73, mercedes had a crash today when a taxi pulled out in front of them on a dual carriageway. They do this here, simply join the road without looking. We have all had to take avoidance action at one time or another.  We reckon the Gills, who are now back in Hohot, will get the Merc going again within 24 hours and rejoin the rally. The driving standards here are appalling.

A short report and no photos today and we will probably be out of contact now for a few days

Tonight in Erenhot. A much easier day today.

Phil had a stomach bug all yesterday and is recovering today, hopefully now got some immunity.

There are probably half a dozen cars with problems so hope they can keep going.
Another team pulled out at the end of the first day. Probably a bit more than they expected.

Off to dinner shortly so all for now

Will post this whilst connection is working

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