Saturday, 1 June 2019

Ready to go

After breakfast we went out to the carpark and saw that the queue for scrutineering ( checking for our safety equipment and vehicle eligibility ) was still quite lengthy so we repacked the car as all tools and spares had to be in boxes for shipping and we have lots of places in corners where bits and pieces go.

We then wandered off to try and find both Gin and Tonic for the desert camping nights in Mongolia. We had looked extensively in the preceding days and found Gin but not Tonic.  This time we went into a coffee shop for coffee and spotted Tonic in their display case. Bought 6 small cans, making sure the staff did not open them for consumption on the premises.

By the time we returned to the hotel the queue was short so we joined it and a little while later were checked and signed off.

We then signed on at rally HQ in the hotel foyer and are now ready to go

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