Friday, 22 March 2019

Gravel Practice

Gravel practice at the Ballarat Light Car Club

A few weeks ago we attended the BLCC driver training day where instructors sit next to the driver and show the way to drive fast and advise on car control on gravel surfaces.

The track is a km or so in length and witches hats are put out to keep drivers from cutting corners etc.  We first walked the track and were shown turn in and braking points.

My instructors for this session were Darren Watkins and Ben McKee, two very experienced rally drivers.

This first picture shows the rear squat under acceleration which is required in order to get power onto the ground. This indicates good rear suspension set up.

A good dust trail

Some of the many witches hats around the circuit, these survived, many did not!!

During the afternoon my times came down but there is still a long way to go on car control at speed on gravel.  It was a good chance though to find out the limits and characteristics of Avanti on loose gravel.

As Peking to Paris includes many dirt / gravel stages this is most useful to me.

Thanks to all at the Ballarat Light Car Club.

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