Saturday, 23 March 2019

Off to the shippers

Finally after lots of work and effort, Avanti was driven out to Secon Logistics on Thursday 21 March for shipping to Beijing.

I can do no more work on the car so that is that for now!

We must thank Richard Anderson of Avanti Spares who has helped all the way with preparation, advice and spares.

Also we need to thank our mate from the Morgan club, Jon Bate who has worked most Tuesdays at our factory, assisting and helping out with lots of the work completed.

Advice has also been helpful from Peter Ffrench, Nigel Tait, and Con.  These knowledgeable car people are sometime denizens and lurkers at the Elfin Heritage Center in Moorabbin where a regular Wednesday lunch invariably turns into show and tell or a problem solving session. 

I should also mention Charlie and Sam at "The Italian Job" near my factory in Oakleigh who have provided expert help.   

Thanks to All


  1. Just reviewed the trip map you posted for the road? Peking to Paris. Bloody lot of tacks on it!!! Part of the obstacle setup I suppose.

  2. Pdrhaps the deux chevron would have been a wiser cboice. Anon