Thursday, 7 March 2019

Tarmac test day at Winton Raceway

In order to get a feel for how Avanti handles on tarmac, I entered the "Test & Tune" day on a recent Friday.  you pay your entry fee and drive what you bring.  The field is divided into 3 classes with each class getting quite a few 20 min track sessions.  All untimed, no racing each other.

My class was road registered cars and few others such as GTR XU1 Torana's, Corvettes and Mustangs.   Certainly the only car there with driving lights, mud flaps and fairly worn rally tyres, therefore the slowest car on the track.  Spent more time looking in mirror than through the windscreen.

Had 3 x sessions where I learned how well it brakes and has fairly neutral handling.  tendency to oversteer with no weight in the boot.  A bit hard to really tell with the car on crook tyres and not set up to rally weight.

With only a few weeks to shipping date....................

Rule 1 for the day was.....DO NOT break the car
Rule 2 for the day was.....DO NOT break the car.
Rule 3 was.......................Learn as much as possible for future track events on P2P.
Rule 4 for the day was.....DO NOT break the car.

Apologies for poor quality video but it had to be reduced in size

So, after 3 track sessions I quit while I was ahead ( refer particularly rules 1, 2 & 4 ) and we headed back home.


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    1. Wasn't timing, spent too much of each lap getting out of the way of faster cars